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Carpet FAQ’S

What are the benefits of carpet tiles?

  • Huge variety of designs and styles –
    At McMats Carpet Market we have a huge amount of commercial carpet tiles in a large variety of colours and patterns. So come down to the factory and have a look at what we have on offer.
  • Comfortable –
    Carpet tiles are comfortable to walk on and many are cushion backed, giving them a more spongy depth.
  • Easy maintenance –
    Carpet tiles are light and easy to install. In fact, you can install them yourself. Many people use carpet tiles in their homes and the entire floor can be laid within hours without paying expensive installation charge.
  • Reduce the noise level –
    Carpet tiles are brilliant sound insulators. You can place them in areas with high sound levels. By reducing high frequency areas, carpet tiles help in creating a comfortable and quiet atmosphere.
  • Prevent injuries –
    You can install our Carpet Tiles in slippery areas, even a staircase because they offer good resistance against trips, slips, and falls.
  • Installation procedure of carpet tiles is easy and saves money –
    Carpet tiles are quick to install in an office or home and you need only a sufficient portion to cover the surface. You don’t need to glue them so they are great for rentals and investment properties. You just need a sharp Stanley knife and a steel edge ruler to cut into edges or corners. You can store our tiles easily and transport them from one place to another place without any hassle, unlike carrying a roll of carpet that can be very strenuous and heavy.

Why use second hand carpet?

The benefits of using second hand carpet from McMats Carpet Market is that we source our carpets from commercial installation sites and the material is therefore designed for thousands of people to walk on everyday. It has never been in areas of children or animals so is clean and durable. Usually hotels, offices, gaming venues change their carpet because they want a new style, or are renovating or changing their branding / look and feel. We have pulled up commercial carpet that has been in offices for under a week and is being removed simply because management didn’t like the colour. Secondhand carpet is perfect for use in a bedroom, commercial office, home office, bungalow, unit, lounge, movie room and more. It is particularly a great investment for new start up businesses or rental properties.

We even have unique one off styles and colours which would look great in any home, including some retro and vintage carpet and one off wild designs. Also check out our range of Brintons Axminster Wool Carpet.

Is the secondhand carpet clean?

Yes. The carpet we source and reuse is taken from high-rise commercial buildings. We do not source carpet from a domestic environment where dogs, cats, canaries and kids have rolled around on and soiled. Commercial carpet will have general wear and tear (in some areas), some parts that are faded (e.g. high traffic areas or where chairs have been situated) and other idiosyncrasies that we assess once we take the carpet back to our factory. The carpet is graded out and then priced accordingly.

We always professionally steam clean our carpet before we lay it on any floor. A large bulk of our customers have been with us for years and swear by the durability, longevity and quality of secondhand commercial carpet.

Ready to find out more about what options we have for you at McMats Carpet Market?

You can either: 

  • Come see our Carpet Counselors at McMats Carpet Market: 1 Gabrielle Court, Bayswater North 3153  (see map below),
  • Fill out the enquiry form on the right
  • Or give us a call on (03) 9761 4451
Steve W
Steve W
Went in with grabbing random carpet planks in mind and left with random carpet planks in boot. Friendly and no fuss, the easiest flooring purchase we've ever made!
Christine Elliott
Christine Elliott
What an Aladdin’s Cave this place is !! Have now had four trips there and love the $1.10 tiles. Nearly all I’ve purchased have been really clean, with no visible wear, and the one’s I’ve needed to wash have come up like new. Great choice of squares and prices and I’m thrilled with the patterns I’ve produced using random colours. Staff are really friendly and helpful and nothing seems like too much trouble for them. Spreading the word far and wide now.
Sara Rose
Sara Rose
Amazing service. Fantastic quality and prices. They could not be more helpful and went above and beyond. Especially as i had no idea what I was doing before going in there, the carpet tiles were so simple to put down and look great. I wanted a cheap alternative to the $2500 quote that I had to carpet my living area and was so pleased to achieve what I wanted for the bargain price of only $264. He even threw in 10 free tiles. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wasn't able to take the beautiful dog home! Definitely will be back. Highly recommend
Angie Martin
Angie Martin
A huge selection of carpet tiles at a reasonable price. More to the point both Michael and Tim are extremely helpful and knowledgeable with measurements, quantity of tiles needed, laying designs and instructions. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Customer service excellence!!! They are so great I have since come back for a 3rd set of mats
Russell Warren
Russell Warren
I COULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE ANY MORE! Friendly staff and great advice. I carpet tiled my outdoor area on the super cheap and love the result! now considering flooring my garage cos uits so cheap and looks so great!!!
Keith Coward
Keith Coward
Friendly and helpful staff, Epsy was particularly good value. Helped us find what we needed and helped load the car.
collee chappell
collee chappell
Tim is arguably the Straightest Shooter wearing of salesman’s & product knowledge pants! Pure gold to deal with… I’ll be back…’Carpetnegger’
Brigid Weereratne
Brigid Weereratne
Excellent service and advice and a great range!
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