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Car & Van Carpet

Car Carpets

At McMats we stock a variety of products for car enthusiasts from trims, through to floor carpet, to mats for vans.

We have car carpet sheets is a variety of shades ready to be molded to your car (supply only).


Car Carpet Rolls

Brand new Australian made Classic Car interior. Available in a large range of colours to suit most makes and models of cars and vans. Carpet for use in car boots, car wells, doors, covering speakers, roofs. Useful for motor trimmer to make matching door trims, spare wheel covers, boot sides etc. Loop, plush and superplush. Some of these carpets are wool, nylon, backed, non-backed, water proof backed.

Van Mats / Offcuts / End of Rolls
End of Rolls / Offcuts

We have small offcuts of carpet suitable for trimming to put in vans, trucks, station wagons etc. These come in a variety of colours and patterns and fabric such as wool or nylon.

The possible uses for these small offcuts are endless, for example we have customers that have used them as flooring for dog kennels, back door mats, rumpus rooms, shed mats, garage and shed flooring.

In addition, we have a huge pile of carpet roll ends that can be used for a multitude of areas, including lining the inside of vans. You can easily cut them to the required size and fit them in yourself. Most of this carpet stock comes from the end of commercial carpet rolls and would have normally been priced for around $100 a broadloom metre, so you know you are getting a high quality carpet for a high quality discount. Most of the time we will have in stock most standard colours and / or non offensive patterns.

Ready to find out more about what options we have for you at McMats Carpet Market?

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