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Carpet Tiles

Australia’s biggest carpet tile stockpiler!

Cheap DIY carpet tiles perfect for home & office decor. Affordable prices, spend your money wiser!
Commercial quality carpet tiles that will last longer than normal carpeting options!

Thousands of patterns and colours to choose from.
Come on down to our warehouse to have a squiz!

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Do-It-Yourself and Save A LOT of Cash!

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to have carpet put down?

Just the labour alone for a 5 x 3.6 meters room costs $150 minimum. Thats not even including the carpet, underlay & disposal of old carpet.

And what about the steam cleaning and deodorizer?

Then there are the situations that cause further added stress that arises if the tradies don’t make it and you’ve just finished putting all your belongings and furniture outside?

All these costs and unnecessary stress disappears when you use McMats Carpet Tiles!

** A thrifty floor cover, a logical floor covering. **

No trade skills needed & easy to do. Just take up the old carpet and underlay, smooth edge, sweep floor, roll a little, pressure sensitive glue out on floor & then lay tiles.

Happy Earth…but wait there are even more benefits, by using McMats Carpet Market you are actually doing your bit for the planet too!

Want to hear more??

Then contact our carpet counselling team today.

Why Carpet Tiles?

Save Money! Easy to DIY Carpet Tiles

Thinking about giving your house a new look?

Looking for a best deal for the office renovations?

Comparing prices for your garages/sheds/caravans?

Cheap – from $1.10 only!
Durable – commercial grade carpet tiles.
Easy – no experience needed, DIY save heaps of money!

For instance, it only costs from $40 for a 3×3 meter room!
Why don’t you come to browse and buy from McMats Carpet Market now?

Ready to find out more about what options we have for you at McMats Carpet Market?

You can either: 

  • Come see our Carpet Counselors at McMats Carpet Market: 1 Gabrielle Court, Bayswater North 3153  (see map below),
  • Fill out the enquiry form on the right
  • Or give us a call on (03) 9761 4451
Steve W
Steve W
Went in with grabbing random carpet planks in mind and left with random carpet planks in boot. Friendly and no fuss, the easiest flooring purchase we’ve ever made!
Christine Elliott
Christine Elliott
What an Aladdin’s Cave this place is !! Have now had four trips there and love the $1.10 tiles. Nearly all I’ve purchased have been really clean, with no visible wear, and the one’s I’ve needed to wash have come up like new. Great choice of squares and prices and I’m thrilled with the patterns I’ve produced using random colours. Staff are really friendly and helpful and nothing seems like too much trouble for them. Spreading the word far and wide now.
Sara Rose
Sara Rose
Amazing service. Fantastic quality and prices. They could not be more helpful and went above and beyond. Especially as i had no idea what I was doing before going in there, the carpet tiles were so simple to put down and look great. I wanted a cheap alternative to the $2500 quote that I had to carpet my living area and was so pleased to achieve what I wanted for the bargain price of only $264. He even threw in 10 free tiles. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wasn’t able to take the beautiful dog home! Definitely will be back. Highly recommend
Angie Martin
Angie Martin
A huge selection of carpet tiles at a reasonable price. More to the point both Michael and Tim are extremely helpful and knowledgeable with measurements, quantity of tiles needed, laying designs and instructions. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Customer service excellence!!! They are so great I have since come back for a 3rd set of mats
Russell Warren
Russell Warren
I COULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE ANY MORE! Friendly staff and great advice. I carpet tiled my outdoor area on the super cheap and love the result! now considering flooring my garage cos uits so cheap and looks so great!!!
Keith Coward
Keith Coward
Friendly and helpful staff, Epsy was particularly good value. Helped us find what we needed and helped load the car.
collee chappell
collee chappell
Tim is arguably the Straightest Shooter wearing of salesman’s & product knowledge pants! Pure gold to deal with… I’ll be back…’Carpetnegger’
Brigid Weereratne
Brigid Weereratne
Excellent service and advice and a great range!
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