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Second Hand Carpet

Save up to 60% by buying used carpet!

(compared to new)

Almost all second hand commercial carpet is wool. It is designed for hundreds of people a day to walk on and therefore is tough, durable and long lasting (even though it’s used).

For the past twenty-five years, McMats Carpet Market has installed second hand commercial carpet in thousands of houses and units, hundreds of schools, dozens of churches and provided mass amounts in factories, shops, sheds & bungalows. Let’s not forget the enormous supply we have sold to people to use in caravan annexes, dog kennels and even canary cages.

We have a huge stockpile of rolls of carpet in various sizes, patterns and colours. Most rolls are 3.66 metres wide (or one broadloom metre). Some rolls are big enough to do one room or even up to a whole house.

Everything we have is affordable, practical and everlasting. By using McMats Carpet Market, with over 25 years experience you have the opportunity of saving up to 60%.

Our business has grown from satisfied repeat customers and referrals. More importantly, our carpet is excellent quality, clean and stain free!

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Ready to find out more about our Second Hand Carpet Selection?

You can either: 

  • Come see our Carpet Counselors at McMats Carpet Market (see location below),
  • Fill out the enquiry form on the right
  • Or give us a call on (03) 9761 4451.
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